Our Story

Hiking buddies enjoying Adventure Blend Dreamweaver Coffee on their advneture.

Coffee for those who dream BIG.

When you fall asleep at night, you dream of a better life...lounging at the pool, sipping Mai Tais in paradise, and working from your laptop halfway across the globe. But come morning, your dreams are squandered by your blaring phone alarm, thoughts of dread, and "ugh, work".

It's those moments when you need a morning pick-me-up. A way to power through the day and make time to work on your longer-term goals aka your path towards freedom.

We live for those moments, and we believe the right cup of coffee can make or break your day. Do you start it with that mediocre $6 bag of Costco coffee? Or do you reach for the coffee that tastes delicious, energizes your soul, and ignites your passions from the very first sip?

We're Dreamweaver Coffee Co.

In 2020, amidst one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen, two regular, coffee-loving guys put their noggins together and thought:
"Now would be the perfect time to finally start that coffee business."
We realized that business can be one of the greatest platforms for change, and so despite the economic downturn, we decided to start something good to prove that even when all seems hopeless, dreams are always worth chasing. Thus, Dreamweaver Coffee was born. We're dreamers like you. And we'd like to do our part in making the world a better place by:
  • Fueling your passions and goals with the best darn coffee your hard-earned money can buy
  • Minimizing our impact on the environment and supporting the farmers and others involved in the farm to cup process
  • Inspiring change by lending a hand to those less fortunate through profit donations
From the first taste 'til long after your coffee gets cold (because sometimes we all forget to pause for a drink), our Dreamweaver blends soothe your cravings and fuel your fire every step of the way.

Our Farm-to-Cup Process

Our mission at Dreamweaver Coffee Co is to ethically provide you the freshest, best-tasting cup of coffee your money can buy. As such, we've sought to work with the best and brightest in the coffee industry, establishing long-term relationships with coffee farmers, importers, and local roasters.

The beans in our coffee are sourced from various regions and altitudes across the globe. You'll always find the location where our coffee is grown on each of the blends' product pages. First, 'green' beans are imported into the U.S. at the Port of Charleston, picked up by us, and then transported to our operations center in Greenville, South Carolina.

After that, all of our coffee is locally and freshly roasted on a weekly basis to ensure you receive the best, freshest, most flavorful coffee in your mug. That's why on every bag of Dreamweaver Coffee you buy, you'll find a "Roasted with love" date so that you know exactly when your coffee was roasted for maximum freshness. Coffee is a food, and unlike store-bought coffee and Big Macs, it isn't meant to last in your pantry forever.

We're not like most major coffee suppliers out there. We're Dreamweaver Coffee Co. And we're committed to offering the best possible experience from the ground to your belly.

That's our story.

Now it's your turn to write yours.

Happy grinding,

Dreamweaver Team


P.S. If you need anything, shoot us a message on our contact page. Or just say hello!